LAG Studios was the acclamation of one aspiring Graphic Designer and one savy Photographer/Entrepreneur with a shared vision to turn something they both love into a global enterprise… and that something was DESIGN!
And thus in 2018, LAG Studios was born!


Inheriting the first initials of both founders and combining that with “Graphics”, their new identify was crafted…LAG
From what started with a couple with a vision, to now a small team of outgoing graphic designers, a quirky production team, and imaginative creators, LAG Studios have helped many small businesses, content creators and anyone with an idea to turn their creative vision into a reality… and we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon!

The Client comes FIRST.

Here at LAG Studios, we believe the client comes first as it’s THEIR vision we help to recreate.
Whether it’s their opinion, their choices, their feedback, their corrections, their anything!… We will always put the client first until they are 110% satisfied with the results.


We’ve gone through many different looks and styles til we found the perfect way to represent who we are as a company, and more importantly who we are as designers. We’re now super set with our current Logo and style, with a new mission to get our logo noticed wherever you go!

“There is NO top. There are ALWAYS further heights to Reach!”

Looking for a Logo to get your brand identity out there in the world? Or perhaps a logo to spice up your company look? Or even a logo that represents everything about you in one whole beautiful design? We can help you create the Logo of your dreams and make you stand out from the crowd!

Our in-house team comprises of marketing gurus, graphic designers, web designers and copywriters, all of which will be more than happy to create an identity for your brand!


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